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Adjustable Power Bag Sandbag
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Material: Body Leather
Product weight: A 0.8kg / B 1.05kg / C 1.1kg / D 1.15kg / E 1.2kg / F 1.3kg
Product color: black, red
Fitness training bag can fill weight: 5KG, 10KG, 15KG, 20KG, 25KG, 30KG
Product size:
5kg (37cm * 16cm * 16cm)
10kg (48cm * 18cm * 18cm)
15kg (52cm * 20cm * 20cm)
20kg (60cm * 21cm * 21cm)
25kg (63cm * 22cm * 22cm)
30kg (68cm * 23cm * 23cm)
Product features:
1: Do not hurt the floor, do not hurt the hand shaping equipment / sports safety
2: The high-quality surface is wrapped with thick body leather. It will not be damaged or torn when dragged, and it is durable and can be scrubbed.
3: humanized handle, non-slip, wide handle design, large force area helps reduce palm load, and is more comfortable to use 4: Built-in small sandbag with built-in adjustable weight. The small sandbag is filled with high-quality sand mining and steel shots, scientific weights, and safe movement (shipping does not include fillings)
5: Fine workmanship and neat workmanship, using high-quality silk threads, the pins are evenly thin and dense, making it difficult to break